·       Nail art for Serial Killer nails:

Accounting for leases , this outline obliges you to run intense with your palette. Start by painting all your nails aside from one in crimson with nail polish . You can likewise utilize a more profound shade of red – say bull blood, which gives a wealthier,darker shade. For the unmistakable nails, paint full nail white first and let the shine dry. At the point when completely dry, stick slight segments of staying tape over the nail on a level plane. Ensure the strips adhere to the nails at every end. Paint over the strips with the red shine. Expel any additional shine around your nails utilizing a remover. Pull off the strips gradually to uncover a red and white rib boned design. And wonderful nail art is ready on your healthy nails.

·      Nail designs  for Color block nails:

Paint your nails with the base shading and let it dry. IT is generally shrewd to pick a light Physically based rendring as it permits the other square parts to be painted in brighter shades. After it is totally dry, stick some tape over a piece of your nail corner to corner. Paint the uncovered some portion of your nails over the tape with a differentiating shading. Evacuate the tape and let the second shading coat dry. Rehash the procedure with another shading on the off chance that you like, this time taping an alternate area of the nail. Keep in mind to give the hues a chance to dry in the middle of taping applying these method with using nail polish brands you will get this amazing nail art.


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