Nail designs for Musical Notes nails & Navy nails:

Nail art for Musical Notes nails:

Today we learn about musical nail art and navy nails design its amazing and latest nail designs new nail fashion in this artical so read it and apply the method for these nail designs its easy to get this nail  art on your nails.let's start it.....!!!!!

Method for this nail art:

Shading your nails with white nail polish. After they have dried attract three lines dark close to the edge of the nails with an indelible marker or brush. Utilize the enormous dabbing device to make two specks, then utilize the brush or marker to draw an obvious conclusion and structure musical notes on nails. You can draw diverse notes on various nails and able to get these nail designs.

·      Nail designs for Navy nails:

Paint your nails (aside from one) in a shade of naval force blue shine. To make a grapple on your accent nails in white, put a speck close to the base of your nail utilizing the enormous dabbing device for this nail art which is artificial nails. At that point utilize the meager nail brush to draw a vertical line and a grin at the base. Add the better subtle elements to the grapple. You can add two or more stripes and some sparkle on alternate nails for extra impact applying all these steps and get this nail art for natural nails.


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