·  Nail designs for Striped nails:

The event that you are genuinely certain with the brush, you can make a multi-hued striped example on your nails. To start with paint your nails all white and sit tight for it to dry. Pick nail paints in couple of other Blind color, red and dark, or green and blue, or yellow and red, or any mix that works for you. Dunk your brush into one of the hues and consistently draw a level line over your nail. You ought to begin drawing at the base of your nails and after that development on the stripes utilizing brushes of fluctuating width to complete and this nail art ideas easy are ready on your beautiful nails.

·      Nail art for sharpie Nails:

On the off chance that you are not extremely sure utilizing the brush, you might need to begin by utilizing an indelible marker to make outlines on your nails. Paint your nails in monotones, for example, dark, gold or white. Sit tight for them to dry totally. At that point utilizing a brilliant or dark marker (as suited) or nail polish , you can make any configuration on your nails. You can give your nails a brilliant french nail designs or complementary sequence them with chevron stripes or place straightforward brilliant hearts and dabs on all. The best piece about this is whether you commit errors, you can without much of a stretch eradicate it utilizing rubbing liquor. After you are content with your outline, run a layer of top coat over the nails to keep the ink from being smeared because of contact by applying these steps the Diy nail Art  is ready  .


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