Nail art for Penguin & Newspaper nails

·       Nail designs for Penguin Nails:

Cover the majority of your nails/accent nail with moon molded dark arch/s. Give it dry, then a chance to paint another littler vault inside the dark one in white nail polish. Utilizing your enormous specking instrument, include two drops of white top of the white vault for eyes. Utilizing your most slender paint brush, attract the eyes, mouths and feet. You can likewise utilize a marker in the event that you feel you are not consistent with the brush for this nail art.

·       Newspaper nails:

Collect all items then wash your hands. Apply some nail polish of light color then put your nails into water or alcohol for some time like 5 sec then take small pieces of newspaper and press them softly after placing on your nails all these for beautiful nail art. After some time with the help of cotton or soft brush remove extra nail polish scattered around your nails .Don’t touch your brush to figure around your nails. Nails are ready with beautiful nails art.


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