Nail art for dotted fade & marble nails

·      Nail art for dotted fade nails :

Paint your nails totally in one base shading or in shading facilitated shades for getting this nail art. Here we have picked white, grey and dark nail polish. At the point when the base coats are dry, use you of all shapes and sizes dabbing apparatuses to make a specked blur impact. Dunk the huge specking apparatus in the shine and start dabbing nearly on the top edge of the nails, working your direction. No chip nail polish as you move down, expansion the crevices between the specks and decline the measure of the dabs or proceed onward to the littler dabbing apparatus and by appling these steps you  will  get nail designs for dotted nails .

 ·     Nail designs for  marble nails:

 Put a light hues base coat and let it dry. After it has attempted, touch a couple shades of pastel nail polish on the nails. Wrap the nails in a plastic and tease the plastic over the nails. The hues will smear into each other like water hues. Expel the plastic delicately and let the nail dry for this nail designs. Complete with a reasonable top coat and get this beautiful nail art. .Also use gel nail polish brands to improve your nails..


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