How's this for a gathering trap? Mesh fabulous rings into your hair style for an immediately attractive look. Garnier superstar beautician Tommy Buckett demonstrates to you how!

1.       Get Your Tease On:
 Scrunch a bit of mousse into soggy hair and blow-dry, styling with your hands. Utilize a swarm brush to detangle finishes, and after that tease hairstyle guys at the crown.

2.       Go For Grip:
in style hair with texturizer. Split strands into two areas and afterward take a little piece from one side and traverse to the next side, rehashing forward and backward.

3.       Put A Ring On It:

 As you go, slip jeweled rings around areas of hair and continue plaiting. The texturizer in your hair offers them some assistance with staying put as you weave them in.and you can get this         attractive sexy hair colour.

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