3 makeup mistakes to avoid when you're wearing glasses steps from makeup artist are below:

Indeed, even with their tremendous notoriety in the course of recent years, wearing glasses can some of the time be a torment with regards to making sense of your cosmetics. Without a doubt, you'll nail the "nerd chic" look while you're wearing a couple of thick, square casings, yet eye cosmetics can turn into a tiny bit troublesome.

In this way, to offer you some assistance with navigating the landscape that is wearing cosmetics with glasses, here are eight errors you must maintain a strategic distance from when you're not wearing contacts.

How to makeup Dim shadows for avoiding mistake:

Recovery the smokey  or simple eye makeup for when you're wearing contacts, in light of the fact that an excessive amount of dim eyeshadow underneath glasses can make your eyes look much excessively dull. Rather, go for a light, highlighting shadow shading on your cover.

Liner that matches your edges eye makeup:

Coordinating your liner to your edges can make your eyes mix in, not emerge. Attempt, admirably well, to pick a liner that is no less than a shade or two lighter than your casings (unless obviously your glasses are clear or cream hued).

Not twisting your lashes during eye makeup:

Ensure you're opening up your peepers! Twist your lashes at the root, mid-length and tip before you start applying mascara so that your eyes look additional wide.

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