Mehndi is essentially a color that gives a cooling impact when connected on the skin and gives red shading to it. It is for the most part utilized on hair as a characteristic color however is regularly used to finish hands.

When it dries totally, the skin or hair is washed with water to uncover the colored shading.
Asian ladies are not finished until they have connected mehndi staring them in the face and feet.
In this instructable, I will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to apply mehndi on hands and make mehndi  designs with it.

What will you require:
Mehndi cone (pencil cone is better)
A printed duplicate of mehndi configuration
A straightforward Glass sheet (you may utilize clear plastic sheet)
Tissue paper
Sparkle cone (discretionary)
 plain bit of paper
Things to Remember
These days the mehndi cone contains a few chemicals, so on the off chance that you are unfavorably susceptible or your skin is delicate, then check a little measure of henna on your palm before making the entire configuration. In the event that it gives you itcy or blazing feeling, don't utilize it. Infrequently, it happens when the henna is terminated so make a point to utilize the new one.

Likewise, in the event that you have done waxing on a zone where you are going to apply mehndi, don't do it soon after waxing. Hold up a day or two, as skin pores will be opened and henna contains some compound. This circumstance may bring about harm or disturbance on your skin.

Mehndi gives distinctive shading on diverse skins. On palms, the shading is darkest, close to dark once in a while. On the opposite side of hand, the shading is much lighter and afterward on arm it gets lighter. The shading comes best following maybe a couple days. You will see the distinction of the shading regular, first it goes darker, then following couple of days, it goes lighter lastly its gone and you’ll get mehndi design.

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