Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Trends Tips:

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1.Dressing the Top-Heavy Figure look good:

A standout amongst the most troublesome figure sorts to dress is the top-overwhelming lady.
What's more, the more established you get with a top-overwhelming figure, the more troublesome it gets to be to dress for this body sort.
At 25, no one is going to feel frustrated about the top-overwhelming lady in light of the fact that everything is – you know – up where it has a place. At 50, that same well proportioned lady needs to truly haul out the styling stops to look great in garments in light of the fact that a top-substantial figure can make even a thin lady look motherly.
You essentially have two choices when dressing for a full bust, since things like skin-tight shirts and strap dresses are typically excessively meager. Rather run with the choices of complimenting a full bust by either making an hourglass shape or make a segment.
Which way you go relies on upon your individual body shape, on the grounds that there are such a variety of minor departure from the full-busted outline.

2. Easy Ways to Look Taller and you look better:

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You can never look excessively tall! Indeed, even 6-foot, 50-something model Jerry Hall likes to look taller for looks good,  in her monochromatic look with a V-neck and dark fishnets to proceed with the long line.But tallness is something you either have actually or you don't: it's not something you can change with eating routine or exercise like such a large number of other body challenges.

Fashion Tips to looks better:

1.   Go monochromatic or tonal:

Despite the fact that ladies have since a long time ago swung to all dark as a no-brainner for dressing slimmer, you can likewise utilize different tones to make a more extended line. I like diverse tones of the same shading family: charcoal, silver and heather dark for instance. What you would prefer not to do is slash up your body with differentiating hues in the event that you need to look taller, for instance, wearing a white shirt with a dark skirt.

2. Choose one in number vertical component:

 An unfastened coat or vest can give you that solid vertical line that keeps the eye climbing and down, as opposed to over. The sheath dress is the ideal dress outline to make a solid vertical line looks good. Thin jeans worn with a tunic main, a long scarf wrapped around your neck with closures left dangling and layers of long accessories all make a solid vertical vicinity too. Notwithstanding running with vertical seaming or prints can add to the eye going here and there instead of over.

3.Wear heels:

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 The most ideal approach to outwardly expand your stature is to physically build your tallness. Indeed, even a slight heel (two inches or somewhere in the vicinity) will enhance the line of most outfits and give you a more drawn out look. Indeed, even your boots can make you look taller: select smooth, elevator shoes and stockings or thin pants in the same shading to make a long, unbroken line. Attempt leg wear in the same shading as your shoes for another extraordinary approach to include visual stature. What's more, obviously, in the event that you can wear truly high heels, they are still the most ideal approach to look taller.

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