Whether you're managing frizz, oil, or wrinkles, these snappy and simple women hairstyles will settle even the most exceedingly bad hair day without making you late for class.

The Problem: Greasy Roots

 The Fix: Going on day three (or five?!?) of your victory? Stretch it out one more day by smoothing styling cream over strands and brushing hair into a smooth, side-separated low horse for hair style.

The Problem: Mega Frizz  for hair style
The Fix: Turn all that volume into an in vogue textured bun. To start with, rub a hostilers to frizz sheet on hair. (attempt a dryer sheet!) Then make a high horse, turn it into a bunch, and stick.

The Problem: Pony Dent
 The Fix: If you like laying down with your soggy hair up, the morning-indent battle is genuine. Shroud it by twisting segments of hair starting from the dent, making glitz waves and get less than 5 minutes fast hairstyle.

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